Winter Riding Tips from the Experts

Motivate is lucky to have hundreds of dedicated employees across all 11 of our systems, and many of them love to bike. In fact, many of them do it all year long.

The truth is: winter riding can be exhilarating (and it can even expedite commutes while drivers sit in gridlock), and the vast majority of our systems operate year-round.

We asked our team for their tips on how to stay safe and comfortable on two wheels all year long.

  • “Protect yourself from the wind. I wear a balaclava–it’s small and easy to carry and fits under a helmet–and a windproof jacket, long underwear or tights.” -Peter Leudtke, Motivate’s Product Design Engineer
  • “Wear mittens–they’re warmer than gloves–but make sure they allow you to work the brakes, gears, and bell. Lobstah gloves are also acceptable.” -Emily Gates, General Manager of Hubway
  • Derek Wurst, General Manager of CoGo Bike Share, says: “Be extra careful in inclement weather (snow/ice).” One way to heed his advice is to use the rear brake (right hand) as your main brake, especially on icy patches.  
  • And Anne Krassner, Citi Bike’s Education and Outreach Manager cautions: “Winter days are short and dark, so wear bright colors and stay visible out there.”

Want more advice? Our systems have also shared some helpful winter riding tips. Follow the links to read more from Hubway, Divvy and Citi Bike.

In sum: Don’t let the change in season be a deterrent. Please post your best bundled winter selfies, and be sure to tag Motivate and your bike share system when you do. Wishing you many happy rides this winter.