Capital Bikeshare was the first large-scale bike share program in the United States and has been rapidly growing. A regional program, Capital Bikeshare serves Washington, D.C., Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax, VA and Montgomery County, MD.

at a glance

Washington, DC

Launched Fall 2010

480+ stations

4500+ bikes

“Getting a @bikeshare [and] guy leans out [of his] truck: “You must be a hardcore biker to bike dressed like that.” “No, it’s just [the] fastest way to get there.”

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In focusBike Valet Service

Bike valets and corrals help increase capacity at high-demand locations during peak hours when demand can overwhelm traditional rebalancing efforts. By providing staff to receive or supply bikes, we expand the capacity of each station, creating virtual “super-stations” without needing to increase the station’s physical footprint. Capital Bikeshare has long used bike corrals to manage demand at special events including the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Fourth of July celebrations, and the Presidential Inauguration. They now incorporate corrals into their regular weekday operations as well. These services also double as “the face of bike share,” and our corral attendants are able to provide customer service, answer questions, and assist casual riders who have questions about accessing the network.

In focusRegional Bike Share Programs

Bike share, like traditional transit, can serve as a vital regional transportation option. Motivate has experience contracting and operating multi-juridiction systems. Many of our systems operate in multiple cities and some even span state lines. Our most complex multi-juridiction system is Capital Bikeshare, which located operates across multiple municipalities in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. 

“4 years w/ a membership & I still yell “I LOVE @bikeshare!” every time I see a van or someone riding. I need a job on their marketing team.”

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