BIKETOWN is fun, easy, accessible – capturing the spirt of Portland, Oregon. BIKETOWN is also Motivate’s first “smart bike” system with a goal of being the greenest bike share in the nation.

at a glance

Portland, OR

Launched July 2016

100 stations

1000 bikes

“We have a great, experienced partner in Motivate; and we are taking advantage of new ‘smart bike’ technology. Bicycles are great weapons against two of the biggest threats we face: climate disruption and rising health care costs.”

Portland Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick

In focusSmart Bikes

Smart-bikes are the next generation of bike share technology. Motivate’s first smart-bike system is Portland, OR’s BIKETOWN system, sponsored by NIKE. Smart bikes differ from smart dock systems by putting all the technology on the bike itself, rather than onto on-street infrastructure. Using the integrated lock, a rider can lock at standard bike racks in addition to stations. Additionally, the bike features real-time GPS which enables riders to track their trips similar to popular apps like Strava. The smart-bike approach requires less upfront costs, enabling Portland to launch with a 1,000 bike system.