Nice Ride is the newest addition to the Motivate family. The system will soon undergo a significant expansion and become a unique hybrid network of both station-based and dockless bikes.

at a glance

Minneapolis, MN

Launched in 2010

200+ stations

1800+ bikes

In focusThe Future Of Nice Ride

Starting late summer 2018, 1,500 new bikes will be added to Nice Ride’s existing bikeshare fleet in Minneapolis. The new bikes will have mobile-friendly, GPS technology and will not be required to be parked at physical stations — transforming Nice Ride into a unique, hybrid bike share system. Concurrently, Nice Ride is working with the City of Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, and urban planning leaders to develop virtual parking zones for the new dockless bikes. These zones will provide dedicated spaces to park these bikes, bringing consistency and dependability to the system. With five hundred additional parking zones, the expanded system offers innovative possibilities to increase equitable access to bikeshare in new neighborhoods in Minneapolis too. As the new bikes launch, Nice Ride users will see additional upgrades, including a new website, new mobile app, and more.