Citi Bike JC serves Jersey City, New Jersey and offers an integrated membership with Citi Bike NYC, allowing riders to access bike share on both sides of the Hudson River.

at a glance

Jersey City, NJ

Launched in 2015

52 stations

500 bikes

“Having a Citi Bike station on the Jersey City Medical Center campus and one near my home in Jersey City will give me an healthy alternative means of transportation.”

 Joe Scott, President & CEO of Jersey City Medical Center-Barnabas Health and Citi Bike JC Founding Sponsor

In focusSecondary Station Sponsors

Citi Bike Jersey City is one of the first privately sponsored bike share programs in a mid-sized city. Citi Bike Jersey City is supported by Citi, and four local “founding partners”. Founding sponsorships are a great way for local businesses and institutions to support civic infrastructure and connect directly with residents and visitors. Motivate can help bring this model to other mid-sized cities looking to increase sponsorship revenue to support new or expanding programs.

“Rode from JC Heights (Palisade station) to Newport PATH everyday this week to get into work. Citibike JC is excellent.”

@gabriel.m.elizondo via Instagram