CoGo provides an easy and affordable option for making short trips and commuting around Columbus, Ohio. It gives locals and visitors a like a whole new perspective on the city.

at a glance

Columbus, OH

Launched in 2013

46 stations

365 bikes

Bike sharing works, it’s really inexpensive, and we are confident that the more access people have to bikes, the more they can park their cars and take a healthy, fun choice for reaching their destination.

Brad Westall, City of Columbus Recreation & Parks Department
Chipotle has partnered repeatedly with CoGo to promote active, healthy living.

In focusChipotle & CoGo

Chipotle has partnered with CoGo on several occasions to promote healthy, active living. They began with a social activation, where CoGo riders were encourage to find a specially wrapped #ChipotleBike and share photos of it via their social media. The photos were entered into a sweepstakes and winners could get a tote, water bottle, shirt, dinner for 10 and some CoGo swag as well. The grand prize was 52 burrito bucks, good for one burrito a week for an entire year. The promotion garnered local television and print coverage. Later in the year Chipotle sponsored CoGo Bike Share’s first Free Ride Day. The activation was promoted via social media, email newsletters and flyers attached to the kiosks. A street outreach team also helped spread the message and showed Chipotle’s support of bike share. The activation drove CoGo’s highest ridership day of the month.

CoGo riders