Divvy in Chicago has one of the largest, most diverse service areas of any bike share program in the nation, with 580+ stations across Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

at a glance

Chicago, IL

Launched in 2013

580+ stations

6000+ bikes

In focusDivvy for Everyone

As Divvy has expanded and reached more neighborhoods, the team has worked closely with the Chicago Department of Transportation to make the system more accessible and affordable. Divvy has engaged communities through its Divvy “Community Connections” newsletter, through its Design-a-Divvy contest in which public school students created fender designs that reflected their neighborhoods, and through its Divvy on Tour weekend where ambassadors popped up at new stations and educated Chicagoans about bike share.

In 2015, the “Divvy for Everyone” (D4E) program launched, which makes Divvy memberships available to low-income Chicagoans for just $5 for the first year of membership for those who qualify. The program offers options for cash payments for residents who qualify for D4E but lack access to a credit or debit card.

“This is such a fantastic city feature! My husband and I really enjoyed biking throughout the city. Used them all day and night. A huge savings and a great way to see the city; you miss so much riding in a car.”

Visitor on TripAdvisor

In focusGrowing Divvy

Divvy launched with with 300 stations in 2013 and expanded by 175 stations in 2015. The program continued to grow in 2016, adding more than 100 new stations, reaching new Chicago neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs.

Each expansion requires a close coordination with our clients at the Chicago Department of Transportation (who go through a lengthy process to determine where each station will go), with city permitting offices, our equipment suppliers, our operations team and our marketing department.

As we expand we monitor changes in ridership patterns, and quickly assess which stations will require more attention from rebalancers and valets. We ramp up our staffing of bike checkers and mechanics to make sure the new bikes stay in good and safe condition for years to come.

“Divvy has been an important part of the success story of bicycling in Chicago. This is one more way in which we are improving the quality of life in neighborhoods across Chicago.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel