Hubway is the Boston area’s bike share system. A regional program, Hubway serves Boston, Cambridge, Brookline and Somerville with one unified membership.

at a glance

Boston, MA

Launched in 2011

185+ stations

1,800 bikes

In focusCorporate Memberships

Hubway’s 275+ corporate membership program is the largest of all Motivate-operated systems and has seen enormous growth over time. In 2016 over half of Hubway’s active members had enrolled through their school or workplace.

Organizations enroll and contribute 25% or more of the Hubway membership fee for any employee that wants to sign up, and in turn Hubway discounts the total membership cost by over 40%. The payment process for corporate members is streamlined through simple monthly invoices, and companies have full control over approval rights for eligibility requirements for their staff. Special benefits are available at different levels of membership. For example, Hubway ambassadors are available to lead on-site “lunch & learn” Hubway tutorials and special partner giveaways.

Corporate memberships allow companies to provide a transportation and wellness benefit for staff and showcase their commitment to sustainability. In return they get happier, healthier and more energized employees.

“The smartest thing we ever did as a region is invest in the Hubway bike system.”

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, Somerville, MA

“I joined Hubway and it is AMAZING! From home to work, to the gym, to appointments, to fun! No stress with parking, late trains or buses. And a good workout too. I love it!”


Christina Silva, Annual Member

In focusSubsidized Membership & Prescribe-a-Bike Programs

In April 2012, the City of Boston, in conjunction with the Boston Public Health Commission, launched Hubway’s Subsidized Membership program, which offers $5/year memberships for low-income residents. Two years later, building on and deeping this program Hubway announced “Prescribe-a-Bike,” in partnership with the Boston Medical Center (BMC). This initiative aims to increase awareness of Hubway’s affordable memberships among lower income Bostonians and improve public health. Prescribe-a-Bike allows medical professionals at BMC to write $5 Hubway membership prescriptions for low-income and overweight patients. All subsidized members also receive a complimentary helmet. By Hubway’s fifth anniversary in July 2016, over 750 residents of Boston had received subsidized memberships.