Bay Wheels is in the midst of a massive expansion that will transform it into the second largest bike share program in the US with 7,000 bikes, serving San Francisco, San Jose and the East Bay.

at a glance

Bay Area, CA

Launched Summer 2017

287 stations

3600+ bikes

“Ford GoBike will help residents and visitors move around our diverse San Francisco neighborhoods and around the Bay Area region more easily.”

Former San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

In focusPublic Engagement

As Ford GoBike expands we solicit feedback from local residents and businesses on where to place new stations. Our community-based planning process for expansion of bike share in the Bay Area has included over 5000 comments on our web portal, 200 stakeholder meetings, and 27 public workshops. Read more about the process.

“I love bike share! It saves me time and money and provides exercise!”

Sarah Dennis Phillips, Ford GoBike member