What we do

We are the most experienced in the business. We take a data-driven approach, ensuring that each of our systems delivers a high-quality experience, efficiently. 


Each Motivate system is run by a local general manager responsible for day-to-day operations. And each Motivate general manager is supported by corporate resources including business intelligence, along with a peer-network of the most experienced general managers in bike share.

Washington, DCRegional Bike Share Programs

Bike share, like traditional transit, can serve as a vital regional transportation option. Motivate has experience contracting and operating multi-juridiction systems. Many of our systems operate in multiple cities and some even span state lines. Our most complex multi-juridiction system is Capital Bikeshare, which located operates across multiple municipalities in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. 

Citi Bike rebalancing tricycle


Rebalancing is the term for repositioning bikes to ensure bikes and docks are available where and when customers need them. And it’s a challenge for the entire industry, especially in heavily-used systems. Motivate uses industry-leading analytical approaches and operational solutions to these challenges. This includes a partnership with Cornell University to help us craft predictive rebalancing models and partnering with vendors to create rebalancing tricycles, a greener and more efficient way to move bikes across short distances. Citi Bike also created the Bike Angels program, which improves the availability of bikes and docks for fellow riders, allowing Bike Angels to earn rewards along the way.

Maintenance & Repair

Motivate takes a data-driven approach to maintenance and repair. We optimize our processes to keep bikes and docks in good repair, safe and available for the riders who depend on them. Our field teams are the most experienced in the industry.

Motivate provides 24-7 customer support to keep bike share riders moving.

Customer Service

Happy customers are essential to promoting the ease, convenience and fun of biking. We provide first class customer service to ensure members of Motivate systems are supported every step of the way. That starts with our approach to onboarding each new member, supplying her or him with useful information on bike share, safe biking and more. We make it fun and easy for new members to get started. Our customer support teams work 24-hours a day, by phone, email and even social media to troubleshoot problems and make sure our members keep moving. Customer service works closely with the rest of the operations team to create a strong feedback loop and respond to customer needs.

In focusBike Valet Service

Bike valets and corrals help increase capacity at high-demand locations during peak hours when demand can overwhelm traditional rebalancing efforts. By providing staff to receive or supply bikes, we expand the capacity of each station, creating virtual “super-stations” without needing to increase the station’s physical footprint. Capital Bikeshare has long used bike corrals to manage demand at special events including the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Fourth of July celebrations, and the Presidential Inauguration. They now incorporate corrals into their regular weekday operations as well. These services also double as “the face of bike share,” and our corral attendants are able to provide customer service, answer questions, and assist casual riders who have questions about accessing the network.