Technology & Product

We work with the industry’s largest vendors and fine tune their offerings to meet our clients’ needs. We also offer our own bike and mobile app, designed and tested by our staff and members.


The world of transportation is changing fast. Customers expect seamless, flexible access to their transportation choices. Motivate is nimble and innovative, working with industry leading vendors to deliver cutting edge bike share technology and products.

Software Development

Motivate’s technology team works closely with our operations and marketing teams across our systems to identify needs and opportunities to improve the bike share experience. In partnership with Cornell University, we’ve developed better predictive analytical tools for bike share rebalancing. Together with our marketing team we’ve developed more modern, flexible applications for our customer communications, allowing us to connect with riders via SMS-text, app-based push notifications, and an automated system to send contextual e-mails.

New York, NYThe Motivate App

Motivate has designed and developed an industry-leading app for bike share users. The app stands apart thanks to its rich features set: seamless access to bike share memberships, unlocking bikes via the app, real-time information and a user-centered design. The app also allows for third-party integrations, bringing additional services to riders and offering opportunities for sponsorship and revenue generation for the systems. In New York the app has already been downloaded over 400,000 times.

When Motivate developed the app in 2015, it took a customer-centric approach to design. Our team conducts extensive field observation and user testing to select and test new features. The app allows users to find bikes and docks, see their recent trip histories, and get confirmations when their trips are closed. The app also provides data layers for bike lanes, bike shops and local destinations. In 2016, Motivate added functionality that allows customers to purchase a pass or renew their memberships in-app and get ride codes through the app. This enables customers to bypass the kiosk entirely and get on a bike using their smartphone.  Motivate can re-skin the app for other systems and sponsors.

Bicycle Production

Motivate produces its own line of bike share bikes. The bikes were designed by Olympic bike designer Ben Serotta in close consultation with Motivate’s mechanics from across our systems. They are designed to be safe, sturdy and fun to ride.

Controlling our own supply chain for bikes means a reliable supply of bikes and spare parts. It also means we’re committed to continuing to innovate on the design and capabilities of the bike. We’re also proud to have the bikes assembled in the United States, contributing to the local economy and the domestic bike industry.