Market & Engage

We offer the services you need to build, grow and promote your bike share program. In 2017, Motivate sold over 2 million memberships. These riders pedaled a total of 26.5 million trips.

Membership Marketing

Membership is core to any bike share program – it drives ridership, which is necessary for maintaining a financially viable system.

Motivate has a centralized team of marketing experts offering full-service capabilities, including business analysis, strategy, graphic design, and copywriting. The team provides cost-effective, dedicated service that help our local systems acquire and retain members.

Member Acquisition
We use a combination of targeted digital advertising, email, direct mail, field teams, and event marketing to reach prospects, and to drive awareness and excitement around bike share. We closely analyze our programs to make sure that we’re spending strategically, staying within budget, and seeing results.

Member Engagement
We’ve found effective onboarding to be a key factor in driving usage and renewals: members who ride at least 5 times in their first month are 40% more likely to renew their memberships. To this end, we’ve employed techniques to engage and activate new members through a welcome package and onboarding email series. We continue to drive engagement throughout a member’s lifecycle with monthly newsletters, seasonal emails, and user-specific messaging.

Member Retention
We send out targeted and timely marketing campaigns at the end of a member’s annual commitment to drive membership renewals, re-engage lapsed users and win back former members. Motivate has increased renewal rate over time, and is currently seeing 70% renewal across all systems.

Short-Term Passes & Tourism Marketing

In addition to membership, short-term passes make up a large component of ridership in any city. We reach and engage this market by stationing field teams at key stations to sell passes, developing collateral material for tourists, and driving repeat usage through a new SMS program.


Motivate is committed to building equitable bike share systems that reflect the diversity of the local communities we serve and are accessible to all residents, regardless of income. We design our service areas to have broad geographic coverage and good density to be useful transportation options for a diverse array of residents. We work with cities to determine discounted rates for low-income residents, and we use programming, community partnerships and targeted marketing to educate and promote our affordability programs.

Local Partnerships

Our local marketing managers develop relationships with regional businesses and organizations to help raise awareness about bike share, drive membership sales, sponsor stations, and build goodwill in the community. These partnerships help to establish bike share in a new city and integrate it more fully within a local community.