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We’re data geeks. We rely on data to plan and assess every aspect of what we do. And we’re proud to share it with you too.

Technical Specifications

We publish data in open General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS). Read the GBFS file and field definitions for details.

We also publish some system data in deprecated legacy feeds. Legacy feeds will eventually be discontinued.

Our feeds generally update once every minute. Please don’t hit any one of them more often than that.

Work with us!

Technology differentiates bike share from bike rental. Quality software engineering products and practices give us the best competitive advantage in the bike share world. Software engineering services all aspects of our bikeshare platform from assessing bike station placement and bike reliability, to building user facing features and operational tools. Engineering is core to our focus on building tools and using data to makes each aspect of a bike share successful from large operations like in New York to rapidly growing ones like in San Francisco.

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“In god we trust, all others bring data.”

apocryphal, widely attributed to William Edwards Deming

Community Contributions

Motivate does not support any libraries, code, or data contained in any of the links in this section. That said, there is a thriving community of developers out there building tools to process our feeds, and we want to give them the attention they deserve. If you have a project you would like listed here, please reach out to us.


Data Stores

Projects & Visualizations