Plan & Launch

Need assessment, business plans, community-based planning, permitting, and installation? We do that.

Business Plans

We work with clients to determine the best ways to meet their goals. We explore all avenues of potential revenue including user fees, sponsorships, and public and private funding. Drawing on our experiences in cities large and small, we strive to create systems that are financially sustainable over the long term.

Community Based Planning

Planning a great bike share system takes a combination of technical expertise and local knowledge. Motivate has helped the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland develop and execute community based planning for their bike share programs. We use a combination of modern and traditional tools, marrying technology and time-tested techniques including “suggest a station” web portals, stakeholder meetings and public workshops to elicit broad-based feedback for station locations and other key elements of program design. This helps build broad-based public support for bike share from the very start.

Bay Area, CAPublic Engagement

As Ford GoBike expands we solicit feedback from local residents and businesses on where to place new stations. Our community-based planning process for expansion of bike share in the Bay Area has included over 5000 comments on our web portal, 200 stakeholder meetings, and 27 public workshops. Read more about the process.


Motivate can help you determine the optimal locations for the bicycle share stations using a GIS-based demand location study. Our planning experience includes designing the coverage area and density of the system, siting potential station locations, conducting community outreach to elicit local feedback, and working with local agencies to obtain permits for station placements. Motivate works with municipalities, institutions, private property owners, and agencies to understand station siting requirements and impact through design drawings and visualizations.

Launch and Deployment

Motivate’s launch team ensures a smooth and successful launch for your bike share system. Following a playbook we have honed through more than a dozen launches, the team orders equipment, secures real estate for a warehouse and office, recruits and trains a leadership team for the new system and manages the workflow from planning and permitting through the system’s opening weeks. We ensure the team on the ground is ready to manage the system efficiently, professionally and safely.

“It’s not very often that a city gets a completely new public transit system, a new way to enjoy the outdoors and stay active, and a new link to New York all at once, but that’s what we have today with Citi Bike.”

Steven M. Fulop, Mayor of Jersey City, NJ

Chicago, ILGrowing Divvy

Divvy launched with with 300 stations in 2013 and expanded by 175 stations in 2015. The program continued to grow in 2016, adding more than 100 new stations, reaching new Chicago neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs.

Each expansion requires a close coordination with our clients at the Chicago Department of Transportation (who go through a lengthy process to determine where each station will go), with city permitting offices, our equipment suppliers, our operations team and our marketing department.

As we expand we monitor changes in ridership patterns, and quickly assess which stations will require more attention from rebalancers and valets. We ramp up our staffing of bike checkers and mechanics to make sure the new bikes stay in good and safe condition for years to come.