Motivate Launches Ford GoBike

Today we launch Ford GoBike, and our team in the Bay is on the streets installing stations and bikes as we climb from a small 700-bike pilot to a 7,000 bike robust transportation network that will help meet some of the critical mobility and affordability needs of the Bay Area.

It is a tribute to the vision of government and community partners in the Bay Area that believed that a bigger bike share program was possible. We believe that today is just the beginning of the beginning, we don’t plan to stop with 7,000 bikes. We believe the program will be much, much bigger. And we committed today to integrating pedal assist e-bikes into the Ford GoBike fleet in 2018.

Our team’s deep experience working at the highest levels of public transportation and technology, relentless focus on innovation and expertise at managing complex operations and logistics, will deliver a world-class bike share system for Bay Area residents.

Check out photos from our launch as well as behind the scenes pics of the Bay Area team preparing for this historic day.

As part of our immediate five-city buildout spree, Ford GoBike will offer 3,500 bicycles at 332 stations. And when fully installed next year, the program will boast 7,000 bikes at 546 stations—spanning San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley and Emeryville. Ford GoBike will not only be the second biggest bike share system in the nation; it will also offer several unprecedented features that will define the future of bike share’s benefit for cities across the globe.

First, we are proving that bike share is an integral piece of cities’ larger transportation networks. For the very first time Ford GoBike riders will have the choice of unlocking a bike using their Clipper card, the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area, or a brand new Ford GoBike mobile app custom-built for the system.

Second, we are demonstrating that bike share can– and must– be successful and equitable, defined not by the number of rides it serves, but by how accessible it is to all people. To that end, we have worked closely with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to design the Bike Share for All program, the nation’s most comprehensive bike share equity program.

As part of this effort, Motivate committed to siting at least 20 percent of Ford GoBike’s stations in MTC designated communities of concern. And we have exceeded that goal. Thirty-five percent of stations will be in these neighborhoods that need them the most. Motivate is also providing a discounted membership option for low-income residents and working with MTC and community partners to conduct outreach to low income residents and residents whose first language is other than English.

Third, we are once again demonstrating how we partner closely with government officials to implement bike share systems that meet the unique needs of the cities in which we operate.  The Ford GoBike bikes themselves have been built for the Bay Area landscape to be lighter and have a wider range of gears to accommodate hillier terrain . And thanks to the continuously variable hub, they’ll be able to find the exact perfect gear for them.

Motivate is designing and deploying the next generation of bike share reshaping urban mobility. We provide the technology that powers tens of thousands of bikes on four continents and operate systems including Citi Bike in New York, Divvy in Chicago, Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC, and now Ford GoBike in the Bay Area, that make up over 80 percent of bike share trips taken annually in the United States.

Today is a testament to the growing bike revolution that is sweeping the nation and we are proud to be leading the way.