Motivate Celebrates Pride

It’s June, and you know what that means: sunny morning rides, stunning evening views, exciting summer expansions and best of all…PRIDE MONTH. At Motivate, we love Pride. It’s a chance to celebrate so many of our extraordinary riders, as well as the rich diversity that defines our company and the vibrant cities we serve.

That’s why, from Boston to the Bay, our bike share systems are loud and proud every June. This year is no exception. If anything, we are more galvanized than ever to take a strong stand for human rights at every turn. Equality isn’t just a buzzword to us; equality is the guiding principle behind everything we do, from where we place our bike share stations to how we price our memberships.

So, Pride? Every year we’re all about it!

As you know, Pride + Parade go together like Bike + Share. And with bike shares in some of the biggest cities across the nation, we’ve got parades aplenty to pedal our way through. NYC’s Citi Bike will wrap ten bike share stations in rainbow colors and Columbus’ CoGo will offer a bike corral at the local Pride Festival & Parade, while Boston’s Hubway and Portland’s BIKETOWN will all showcase specially-designed bikes, which local civic and business leaders will ride, in their respective cities’ parades.

After the festivities, each system’s rainbow-clad bikes will join the rest of their fleet on the streets, giving the lucky riders who find them a boost, brightening each of their cities and sending a resonant message of love, hope and equality for the rest of Pride Month.

This year we’re especially fond of these gorgeous BIKETOWN bikes, artfully designed by that system’s sponsor and global trend-setter, Nike. A Nike spokesperson explained the concept as such: “The colorful bikes (half have a white background, half have a gray background) represent Portlanders’ individuality, diversity and creativity.”

And you might notice splashes of color on your computer screen too. Because we are using every platform we’ve got– virtual & IRL– to declare our pride.