Motivate and Toronto Parking Authority Announce Transition of Bike Share Toronto Operations

Today, Motivate, the operators of Bike Share Toronto and the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA), the Bike Share Toronto managers announced a transition in the operations of the bike share program effective April 1, 2017.  The TPA contracted Motivate to operate Bike Share Toronto in 2014. Since then Motivate has been instrumental in growing Bike Share Toronto membership which has more than doubled since its inception in 2014. Motivate also helped the TPA expand the system from 80 to 200 stations this past summer.

In addition, Motivate worked with the TPA and Metrolinx to launch an innovative PRESTO discount program, which provides PRESTO cardholders with up to 50% off of the annual membership. This program has proved a great success by making bike share a more affordable transportation option for many Torontonians and providing a low-cost option for new riders to try the system.

“We are honoured to have played a vital role in turning around Bike Share Toronto during a difficult time,” said Jay Walder, President & CEO of Motivate. “And we wish the Toronto Parking Authority the best of luck as they continue to build the program.”

“Motivate has been an important partner, helping to stabilize and grow bike share in Toronto,” said Lorne Persiko, President of the Toronto Parking Authority. “We are thrilled to have a bigger, better bike share program today and we look forward to continued growth.”

All hourly employees at Bike Share Toronto will be retained and given jobs under the new operator. In addition, the system will transition with no downtime and riders will see no immediate changes to pricing.

About Motivate

Motivate is a global leader in bike share. A full-service bike share operator and technology innovator, Motivate works to re-envision how people experience and move around cities. Motivate operates over 50% of the bike share fleet in North America including the four largest systems in the US: Citi Bike in New York, Divvy in Chicago, Capital Bikeshare in the D.C. area, and Hubway in the Boston area. Motivate will also be expanding bike share in the Bay Area to a 7,000 bike program called Ford GoBike this year.   Motivate technology powers over 56,000 bikes on 4 continents in bike share programs including Santander Cycle Hire (London, UK), Bixi (Montreal, Canada), ADCB Bikeshare (Abu Dubai, UAE) and Melbourne Bike Share (Melbourne, Australia), and already provides the hardware and software for many of the bike share networks that Motivate operates.

About the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA)

The TPA is a self-sustaining public corporation owned by the City of Toronto. It contributes significant revenues to the City’s general reserves while successfully meeting its mandate to provide safe, attractive, conveniently located and competitively priced off and on-street public parking, required by commercial strips and neighbouring residential areas to survive. Recognized as a world leader in parking technology services the Parking Authority has been successful in ensuring that businesses in these areas continue to grow and the neighbourhoods remain vibrant.