In the News: Nearly every single one of Bicycling Magazine’s “50 Best Bike Cities of 2016” have bike share programs. 14 are run by Motivate.

City by city, bike share is revolutionizing the American landscape.

Here at Motivate, we were not the least bit surprised to learn that the top five entries on Bicycling Magazine’s “50 Best Bike Cities of 2016” were all cities where we operate world-class bike share systems. Congratulations to Chicago for leading the charge!

In cities coast to coast, bike share programs have taken root and are growing. Cities are creating a virtuous cycle by making huge improvements in bike infrastructure, which is making it safer and easier for more people to ride, which is creating more demand for bike infrastructure and bike share. Here are some highlights:

Chicago’s Divvy for Everyone is improving bike equity and enabling more Chicagoans to take advantage of the city’s 100 new, smooth and glistening miles of bike lanes.

In San Francisco, thanks to the installation of more protected bike lanes, bike commuting has nearly doubled in the last ten years. Now it’s poised to explode as the Bay Area bike share program grows ten-fold over the next two years and brings bike share for the first time to the East Bay.

And New Yorker’s investment in more safe infrastructure has enabled Citi Bike riders to keep breaking daily ridership records, proving the nation’s largest bike share program an unequivocal success. And this in turn provides fuel for the City to continue to make unprecedented investments in traffic safety!

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