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In the News: Fast Company on How Citi Bike Started an Advertising & Transportation Revolution

Motivate works with some of the world’s leading fortune 500 companies and brands, including Citi, Nike and Ford to help create large, dynamic and exciting bike share programs across the nation. We also work with smaller brands that are just starting out and looking for a fun platform to amplify the launch of their exciting new products. Read more about why bike share is such an attractive platform for marketers and advertisers of all sizes and industries:

“…Citi Bike has gone on to become perhaps the greatest advertising campaign of all time. Rather than squandering that eight-figure investment on increasingly ineffective traditional marketing, Citi built something additive that also reduces our carbon footprint. When a corporate behemoth expands its communication strategy from traditional ads (which in all fairness, Citibank sadly still makes) to providing bikes for six thousand New Yorkers to pedal across the Brooklyn Bridge, the time-space continuum has truly changed.

“Wouldn’t it be interesting to see more advertisers follow suit and create new paths rather than befoul existing ones?”

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