Happy Election Day!

It may not come as a surprise that cyclists are civic-minded. After all, they are reducing their carbon footprint by choosing a sustainable form of transportation to get around town.

And today they really get to show off their zeal for the democratic process as they pedal their way to their local polling place and cast their vote for the next POTUS after a heated and lengthy race. (Didn’t it feel downright eternal at times?)

Here’s how some members of the bike share community have been helping to Get Out the Vote:

In Washington DC and surrounding towns, Capital Bikeshare is providing free Single-Trip Fares all day long to incentive folks to get to the polls! They are calling the generous initiative #VoteByBikeshare, and the voters are loving it! Readers, will you share your own “I Voted” sticker selfies with the #VoteByBikeShare hashtag?

CaBi is also offering some lucky voters a chance to arrive in real thematic style by decorating dozens of its bikes in stars and stripes. We applaud how it is creatively embracing this most sacred of American traditions.

While deciding our next President is reason enough to get to the polls, ballots in several key places will also include critical bike and transit infrastructure. In fact, 56 places are considering transportation measures today (and dozens more will do so by the end of this year).

Some of the most exciting to us are Propositions J & K in San Francisco, Measure KK in Oakland, Proposition 1, also known as Sound Transit 3, in the Seattle area and the Metro and Transportation Bond Referendum in Arlington County.

Whether you #VoteByBikeShare or by other means, make sure you do get to the polls today and make your voice heard.