Ford GoBike brings bike share to the East Bay for the first time.

Ford GoBike Live in East Bay, San Francisco and San Jose

Ford GoBike launched June 28 and is now live in the East Bay, bringing bike share to that region for the first time, as well as San Jose and San Francisco. There are now over 125 stations throughout the region with new ones coming online daily. The program is transforming what was a 700 bike pilot program to a 7,000 bike robust transportation option for the Bay Area.

Ford GoBike is a public-private partnership between Motivate and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). It brings bike share to the Bay Area with no taxpayer funding, thanks in part to the contribution of Ford Motor Company and other sponsors including Alaska Airlines.

Ford GoBike brings several innovative features to bike share including integrating with the region’s Clipper© transit card. Riders can link their accounts to their Clipper card, and then use the card to unlock a bike from any station. Riders can also sign up for the program, find and unlock bikes using the Ford GoBike mobile app. One single membership allows people in the Bay Area to access bikes in San Francisco, the East Bay and San Jose.

Motivate, working closely with the MTC has also developed the nation’s leading bike share equity program – Bike Share for All. The Bike Share for All program includes a commitment to site at least 20% of stations in lower income communities and communities that are underserved by existing transportation options. Bike Share for All memberships are available to any Bay Area resident enrolled in PG&E CARE, CalFresh, or San Francisco Muni Lifeline Pass programs, at an introductory rate of just $5 for the entire first year of Ford GoBike membership.  After the $5 introductory year, eligible members can continue their Ford GoBike memberships in subsequent years for the still-steeply discounted fee of $5 per month. Motivate has also partnered with several community organizations to create centers where Bike Share for All members can make their membership payments in cash if they lack access to a credit or debit card traditionally used to enroll in bike share. Finally, Motivate and the MTC have created a $260,000 outreach fund to help promote the Bike Share for All program and ensure that Bay Area residents know that bike share is a convenient, healthy and affordable way to get around.