Divvy makes changes to expand bikeshare access to more Chicago residents through Divvy for Everyone

Divvy to lower cost of discounted membership program, simplify ways to qualify following community feedback.

CHICAGO – Today, Divvy announced new pricing and eligibility changes to make the successful Divvy for Everyone (D4E) discounted membership program more accessible and affordable than ever before. Starting July 9, all Divvy for Everyone memberships will cost less, gradually increasing over four years from $5 the first year to $25 the second year, $50 for the third year, maxing out at $75 a year – similar to a student membership. Divvy has also simplified and expanded D4E eligibility by introducing new ways for riders to demonstrate eligibility.

“Accessibility and inclusivity are our top priorities at Divvy. When our community outreach team talked to people across the city, we realized that we could make Divvy for Everyone even easier for Chicagoans to join,” said Michael Critzon, Divvy General Manager. “We’ve had tremendous success with the Divvy for Everyone program so far, and we are looking forward to helping more Chicagoans at all income levels explore and enjoy Chicago on bike.”

“Divvy for Everyone has been a tremendous success, but these changes strengthen the program and make it more affordable and attractive,” CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld said. “This new pricing structure will allow more Chicagoans to maintain their Divvy membership after the introductory year. We hope they will continue to use Divvy as a go-to transportation option, whether it’s for commuting or recreation.”

“West Town Bikes is very excited to be partnering with Divvy promoting the Divvy for Everyone program to people in communities on the West Side of Chicago,” said Alex Wilson, Executive Director of West Town Bikes. “D4E is a great opportunity for folks on the West Side to access healthy and affordable transportation and recreation. We are happy to be part of the movement!”

Divvy for Everyone currently has a three-tiered membership cost of $5 the first year, $50 the second year and a cap at $99 a year and Divvy for Everyone memberships require a check stub or zero-income affidavit to prove eligibility.

The new changes will increase eligibility for the program, expanding to also include recipients of SNAP, WIC, LIHEAP, or Public Housing.

“Divvy and the D4E program was such a great help. This allowed me to commute downtown faster than a car, bus, or train,” said Divvy for Everyone member Cordell Longstreath. “Because of Divvy, my job as an outreach coordinator was much easier. Riding Divvy in the Loop allowed me to pick up hundreds of in-kind donations for events and fundraisers. Divvy has me biking more, saving money, and more aware how the city is set up for bike riders.”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is generously supporting the Divvy for Everyone program improvements.

“Divvy for Everyone is evolving in a way that continues to break down barriers that may prevent some Chicagoans from having access to healthy, safe biking,” says Jill Wolowitz, vice-president of government relations and community investments at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. “Our support of the program is just one of the ways we’re working to increase health equity for our members and all the communities we serve.”

Since Divvy for Everyone launched in 2015, more than 3,500 individuals have signed up for the program. People of color represent more than 70% of people enrolled in Divvy for Everyone. Participation has been greatest on the South and West sides of Chicago, over the past three years. However, program participants have taken more than 250,000 rides, with rides starting at nearly every station in the system.

Registrations will continue at Financial Opportunity Centers around the city of Chicago and individuals can learn more about registering at DivvyBikes.com/D4E. Those already enrolled in the program will be automatically transitioned to the new plans for their next year of membership.

Divvy ridership has continued to grow year over year, as Chicago adds new bike lanes and new pricing makes it even easier to get around Chicagoland. For those that do not qualify for Divvy for Everyone, the new $3 Single Ride provides an affordable way to try the program before joining as an annual member. Since the new pricing launched February 1st, nearly 30,000 Single Rides passes have been sold throughout Chicagoland.

About Divvy

Divvy is Chicagoland’s bike share system, giving Chicago and Evanston residents and visitors access to thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations across the region. Intended to provide additional options for getting around and exploring the city, Divvy is convenient, fast, fun and affordable. Divvy is North America’s largest bike share system based on service area, thanks in part to the support and sponsorship of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois. For more information and a map of station locations, visit www.DivvyBikes.com.