Citi Bike Installs Blaze Laserlights on 250 Bikes

As part of an ongoing commitment to safer cycling in New York, Citi Bike installed an innovative new safety feature — the Blaze Laserlight– on 250 bikes this winter.

The pilot program aims to make Citi Bike riders more visible to drivers and pedestrians, creating safer conditions on the road and providing greater peace of mind to all.

Extensive research on the Laserlight on London’s bike share fleet revealed that a cyclist with a Laserlight at night is even more visible than a cyclist in daytime. The vast majority of London bus drivers surveyed said the light made it easier to notice and react to cyclists at night, while 75% of cyclists felt more confident cycling with a Laserlight.

The initiative also aims to grow ridership among women, whom studies have shown are more likely to ride in safer traffic environments with features like  protected bike lanes and one-way streets. Results in London indicated that this outcome is likely.

Here’s how news of the pilot was received in NYC:

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